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I got French! January 24, 2015

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Let me start off that I am writing this in my “house pants”, that is sweat pants.  I have just realized that between culinary school and teaching yoga I spend 5-6 days of the week in elastic waistband pants.  It’s going to be a transition to go back to jeans……

Last week, in A la Carte class,  we were randomly assigned our Executive Chef dates for the Red Room.  I got French Service!  The first half of the semester I will be learning FOH (front of the house) and serving in our student restaurant, The Red Room.  The second half of the semester the class switches and I will be in the BOH (back of the house) cooking or baking in the kitchen.  The Red Room is only open one night a week and it is completely run by the students.  The executive chef is in charge of creating the menu, costing the food, requisitioning and ordering the food, coordinating with the dining room manager, assigning kitchen staff duties and overseeing the preparation and then expediting the food on the night of service.  The dining room manager oversees reservations, designing the menu with the chef, and overseeing the wait staff for the night of service.  This is the capstone class for culinary students.  It ties all the classes together.

I will be Executive Chef of the Red Room on May 6th and Dining Room manager March 4th. What’ s the Red Room? It is the restaurant that is run by students at Collin College as our capstone class. Want more info or a reservation? Email me!

The entire schedule should be posted soon since we just got our assignments. The first service is Feb 4th with English Service. We’ll be open Wednesdays nights from 6-8. I highly, highly encourage reservations. Last service/class is May 13 with a Buffet.


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