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2016 New Year January 4, 2016

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There is nothing like a fresh start.

I am planning on a more regular routine now that I have finished classes for the culinary arts degree and 350 hours of internship are over.

So, what is the first thing on my list ( yes, I am a list maker).  Clean.

When is the last time you cleaned your fridge?  I mean emptied it all out, washed the shelves and walls and drawers (and freezer), check expiration dates and dumped stuff?

If it is overwhelming, break it into steps.  I started with my freezer drawer.


I bought some plastic baskets at the dollar store to help oragnize.


Then, what was going back into the freeer was labeled AND dated (food does not last forever)


I have cheddar cracker dough that is rolled into a log and then frozen for easy slicing (think homemade cheese-its), cookie dough that I scoop on to trays and freeze then place in a zip lock bag (easy to bake off a few at a time), saffron rice, and frozen cranberries.

Freezer drawer was wiped down with a warm soapy sponge and sanitized with a vinegar/water mixture.

Then on to the fridge doors and shelves and even the garage fridge.

I always feel better when I can see what I have and when it needs to be used up.  This also makes trips to the grocery store easier because I am not buying what I already have buried deep at the bottom or back of the fridge.

I try to do this whole deep clean 2x a year, at the beginning of the year (after Christmas) and in the summer usually before we go on vacation- its a good time to clean out and empty the fridge if your going to be gone for a while.


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