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Power of an Infomercial January 9, 2016

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My kids are easily persuaded by infomercials on tv…..Snackeez, pillow pets, 50 water balloon filler.  “Mom, mom!  We need to get this”.

We were on vacation one evening in our room and we happened upon Shark Tank.  I had never watched before, but this seemed ok for everyone to watch.  We happened to view the episode with the Sponge Daddy.


I happened to mention while watching, that I would buy a sponge like that.  I was suprised that more “sharks” were not really interested in his product.

After the holidays, while in Bed Bath and Beyond, I spotted the Sponge Daddy.  Why not?


I wash a lot of dishes.  I scrub alot of dishes.  I am usually picky with washing some of my pots and pans (cast iron, enamel coated, bakeware).  I have to admit, I really like the Sponge Daddy.  It scrubs, is washes, it’s easy to hold, it actually holds up to its claims.  And the best part?

My kids were SO excited that I had purchased this “as seen on tv” product, eveyone wanted to try it.  So for $3.99 not only are my dishes getting clean, but I get help with them too.

*This was an independent review


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