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Sheet Pan Dinner January 12, 2016

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I am a huge fan of a sheet pan dinner.  Easy cooking, easy clean-up.   Anything that roasts or bakes is perfect for this type of meal.  I made a roasted pork loin that I butterflied (which just means to cut open/split and spread out/flatten), put a bread stuffing in the middle, folded over and tied up.  I roasted the pork loin with brussels sprouts and bacon.  (what goes better with pork than bacon?)

images-1   images-2

The pork could be stuffed with anything, a fruit compote, sliced apples, cooked sausage, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese……

Once filled, roll up and tie with cooking twine- this holds the meat and stuffing together and helps is cook at an even temperature.  Pork cooks to 160, so I test my loin after 20 minutes at 350.  The middle hits 140.  I give it another 5-6 minutes and at 155 I pull it out, cover with foil and let it rest.  The carry over temperature will bring it up to 160.

Turn oven up to 425

I par-boil the brussels sprouts, trim and slice them and place them on a sheet pan with 3 slices chopped bacon, salt/pepper.  I suggest spraying the pan with a cooking spray first. Roast the sprouts till you smell them or about 20 minutes.



Dinner is served!




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  1. Shelly Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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