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The Outro February 7, 2016

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Keeping with the musical theme of the blog, “outro” is the ending of a song. And this particular song has ended.


It feels good to be done, however then I get a lot of questions such as “now what”?   This will be my time to take a break, like when a band finishes an album.

I was reminded how busy last spring was, when I went for lunch at The Red Room.  I know I have mentioned this before, but this is a really great place to check out.  Collin College’s Culinary program offers a required class called A la Carte.  It is one of the last classes taken and it is either set up as a dinner service or a lunch service.  Last year, for me, it was a dinner service.  This spring it is a lunch service.  Last week was french service.  This means that food is served and sometimes finished table side.

This was a set menu for $12.  We started with a crostini “salad”.


Then we were served a butternutsquash soup.

Next was our entree sliced and served tableside.  I had the eggplant.  It was excellent.



Lastly, for dessert, we has chocolate dipped orange madeleines served with a french roast coffee, whipped cream and shaved chocolate.


It was great to see a lot of the students I had classes with now taking their turn in The Red Room.  It’s nerve racking, exhausting, fun and creative.  If you have the time on a Thursday afternoon for lunch I recommend checking it out.  I made standing reservations for the semester.  Maybe I’ll see you there, or let me know and come join me!



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