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A Royal Encounter February 15, 2016

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I had an incredible experience come up last Saturday.

In the fall I had done a fundraising event for the scholarship fund at Collin College.  I presented one of the cooking segments.  The main attraction was Chef Darren McGrady.  He was a chef to the Royal Family and more specifically Princess Diana and her sons after the divorce.

Chef McGrady called me last week and asked if I would help with one of his events.  A dinner for 110.


This was a “Valentines” Dinner for a local wine club.  The tables were stationed all through a house in various rooms.  After each course, the guests switched tables and moved into a different room.  There were servers, and bartenders (for the wine and champagne served), lots of courses.  We started with canapés.

Blue corn pancakes, jalepeno cream cheese, pulled pork, peach jam, microgreen


Mini tostada, black bean puree, flank steak, sour cream, chimichurri


Lobster mac and cheese bites.


Then the guests took their seats and we began dinner service.  It started with a chowder soup and heart shaped croutons.  Then a spring mix salad with grapefruit, hearts of palm, avaocado and candied pecans.


Dinner course was polenta, beef tenderloin, lobster tail, asparagus and a tomato based sauce


Last was dessert.  A bread and butter custard with amaretto soaked raisins on a caramel sauce, raspberry coulee, whippped cream and strawberries.


I had so much fun working with Chef Darren and his team on the event.  Looking forward to more!



One Response to “A Royal Encounter”

  1. Cindy Sharp Says:

    Wow! That sounds exciting.

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