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Judgemental June 5, 2016

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This is a tough post to write.

Have you ever parked in a parking lot a noticed a car park in a handicapped spot and then saw someone who didn’t appear handicapped get out?  Did you ever wonder why they had a tag?

I guess I had a stereotype of the typical person who needed a handicapped spot.

And so having a conversation with my neurologist, I was given forms for a handicapped tag.


Yup.  So now I will be “that person” that I always wondered in the back of my head- “why are they parking there?  Isn’t that for someone who needs it?”

Summers in Texas can get really hot.  My car can heat up and get really hot.  When I get overheated, then I start to feel tingling and numbness in the areas that have nerve damage.

I don’t use it everyday.  I just have it for times when it gets really hot, when I would otherwise have to park a ways away and walk or carry heavy loads far (like for catering jobs, carrying food and equipment…..ect.)

I laugh at myself.  The one who used to have those judemental thoughts, became the subject.


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